It’s all about attitude

Attitude vs aptitude“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude” – Zig Ziglar.

Here’s my take on this interesting little idea.

When I first became an auditor I wasn’t particularly keen on auditing (is anyone, ever?).  I did the job, hit my deadlines and went home.  To get my accountancy qualification I needed three years of experience signed off by the business.  So that’s what I was doing – ticking the boxes to get to the three year mark.  I had convinced myself I didn’t want to stay in auditing, so what was the point in getting excited and involved?

I got on well but I never really got ahead.  I wasn’t seen as one of the ‘stars’ of the department.   I knew I had the capability, I just didn’t have the enthusiasm.  And I learnt the problem with this when it came to promotion and pay rise time.  The ‘stars’ had been working hard at shining all year.  It didn’t necessarily matter that I might be doing a better job – they were shiny, eager, worked hard and got the kudos for that.  And actually, I think that’s fair enough.  I chose an easier life.

A couple of years in though, I suddenly had a bit of a change of heart.  I was really enjoying the work I was doing, I liked the company I was working for, and I wanted a little bit of the limelight.  So I started volunteering for extra stuff, like interviewing graduates or doing a little bit of presenting.  And the more I did, the more I enjoyed and the more I shone.  And the more I shone the more I got noticed, until I was approached to take on a more senior role.  Which, at the time, was exactly what I wanted.

I’d always had the ability to do the job and do it well, but when I turned up the volume on the positive attitude, everything started coming my way a little bit faster and more easily.

It makes sense really – when I’m looking at my employees its the ones who are keen to take on more, eager to learn and willing to do more than they need to that stand out for me too.

Attitude makes  a huge difference to the altitude of your career, and your life in general. So grab your big girl/big boy pants, turn the volume up on your enthusiasm and see what happens!


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