Be Your Own Best Friend

BE YOUR OWN BEST FRIENDI usually write these blog posts on the day that I publish them.  I like writing in the here and now.  Although I’m a bit of a planner in other ways, with my blog posts and my weekly newsletter (if you want to see what that’s about, use the sign-up box on the right) I never plan.  I like the idea of you reading what I’ve written ‘hot off the press’.

But this blog post was written a day early.  Why?  Because at the time that you’ll be reading it, I’ll still be at my desk at the day job, bashing out numbers for our quarterly reporting requirements.  I will be very lucky to get home before 10pm. But it’s important to me to write this blog post and (I hope) connect with you too.  So I’m writing it today, when I’m home a little bit (but not much) before 10pm.

I’ve known for a little while that this week is going to be pretty awful – long hours, stressed colleagues, impossible deadlines and brand new software do not add up to a happy Heena. There’s nothing I can do about  the first four of those – the hours have to be long, to cope with the glitches in the new software as well as meet those impossible deadlines, and that means stressed colleagues.  But I can do something about keeping Heena as happy as possible under the circumstances.

Normally, even when I’m having a tough time I try to keep it all going, in every area of life.  Not this time.  This time, I’m focusing on getting through the tough time at work without attempting to be Superwoman and keep it all going at home too.

I’ve accepted it’s going to be a tough week so I’ve tinkered at the edges and tweaked everything else – I’ve made everything else as easy as possible. Clothes are ready for the week, lunches have been bought already, I’m giving myself the week off from working on the new book, and I’ve even booked in a couple of treats over the weekend – all of this is designed to make this week as easy as possible, and give me something to look forward to.  I’m writing this blog post a day early, so that I’m still doing a little of what I love, just not when I’m exhausted. I’m accepting the biscuits and chocolates that my boss has been bringing in, the coffee has been upsized, and you know what?  Given we’re about halfway into our horrible week, I’m doing alright.

Why am I telling you all this?  Well, I’m guessing you may well have had tough times at work too.  Or tough times at home.  Possibly both, and possibly (although I sincerely hope not too often) both together.  So here’s my tip for those tough times – don’t make them any tougher.  Go easy on yourself.  Be kind to yourself.  Treat yourself to the cupcake if that makes you feel better. I’m not advocating letting go of all responsibility all the time – there’ll be plenty of time to pick up all the other loose ends later.  For now though, give yourself the consideration you would to your best friend. Be your own best friend.

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