Brotherly love

IMAG0251_1This weekend has been a pretty momentous one.  My brother turned forty yesterday.  Forty.  FORTY!  When did that happen?  How did we get here so quickly?  It feels like only yesterday he was sixteen and excited about college and visiting me at University.

So today’s blog post is dedicated to my brother Ajay, on his fortieth birthday weekend.

It’s a chance for me to say thank you – for all the support and encouragement and hugs and kind words and deeds over the years.  It’s a chance for me to say how much I appreciate the friendship we’ve developed over the years – my siblings (unluckily for them, and very luckily for me) are two people I not only consider my brothers but also my friends.  And it’s a chance for me to say thank you for all of the IT support, all of the ‘can you do this for me?  Yes.  Can you do it now?  Ummm – not sure, I’ll try.  But I really really need your help now.  OK – I’ll drop everything else, and do it right now.’  Thank you for that unlimited reserve of patience and good will and for helping me ‘right now’.  And finally, thank you for helping me co-create the cover of Coping with the Horroffice.

I also realise how very lucky I am, and we are as siblings, to have such a wonderful level of support available to us.  It’s much easier to be fearless and brave and take chances and try new things when you know that if it all goes wrong, there is someone who will help you dust yourself off, pick yourself up and start all over again.  And to know that not only will they do all that for you, they will actively encourage you not to give up or give in, but to try it again.

So thank you Ajay, for all this and so much more.  Happy Fortieth Birthday. And here’s to another forty years of exciting adventures!


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