Two Cool Confidence Boosting Habits

Confidence 3A great way to get ahead at work is to cultivate a confidant attitude, right?


But how do you do that? Especially if you feel like more of a wallflower than a sunflower type?

Well, here are a couple of habits confident people cultivate – try them out and see whether they make a difference for you. (And remember, even if they don’t quite work, you made the effort, you will have tried something new, and that in itself pushes your confidence levels up – it’s win win!).

  1. Focus on your goal.  The only real super-power confident people are blessed with is the power of a positive vision.  Confident people are just as aware as everyone else of the chances and pitfalls of failure.  They acknowledge that and then go for what they want anyway.  They focus on what it will feel like, what it will be like, what it will look like when they achieve what they set out to accomplish.  So give it a go.  Work on just one goal.  Write it out, picture what it will be like and then every day remind yourself of that goal.
  2. Keep it simple.  Sounds…erm..simple,doesn’t it.  And it is.  Nothing new here, but something a lot of us overlook.  Once you have your goal, don’t get distracted!  Focus, focus and then focus a bit more.  Work out your plan to get where you want to be, break it down into manageable chunks and then start ticking things off the list.  Take a little action every day, remind yourself every day of what you want and go for it.  Don’t let other peoples drama’s get in the way, and learn to tune out your own negative thoughts and over-analysing of the how/when/what if.  Just keep your eyes on the target, and take it one step at a time.  That’s it.  No big secret.  Simple.  But effective.

When I first decided I wanted to move from accounting to writing, people didn’t really get it, and not everyone was encouraging.  I heard lots of stories of how many millions of people had tried and failed.  And it’s true, millions have tried and failed.  But how would I know if I was one of them if I didn’t try.  What if I didn’t fail?  What if I made it?  And that’s the difference.  In my vision, I ALWAYS make it, I always get to where I want to be.  Once I’ve decided what I want to do, I just break that vision down.  So I planned what I wanted to write, I broke it down a bit more, then every day I did a little bit.  After work, at the weekends, whenever I got a chance.  And lo and behold, after plugging away doing a little bit every day, for a lot of days, Coping with the Horroffice was born!

So see how you get on with these little tips for big confidence boosts and once you’ve got them mastered, head back over here for a couple more to add to your arsenal.

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