De-clutter Diva

De-clutterOver the past few weeks I’ve been having a major de-clutter.  And I mean MAJOR.  No area of my house or life has been safe from the bin bags or delete button.

I’ve gone through my wardrobe, the kitchen cupboards, my paperwork, CD’s and even the dog’s stuff (I know, I know – the dog actually has enough stuff to need some de-cluttering – bad Heena!).  I’ve even de-cluttered my finances, cancelling all those direct debits for stuff I don’t use or need.

But there has been one area I haven’t even attempted to tackle.  It also happens to be the most visible.  And the longer I leave it,  the worse it gets.  My garden.  Or as my neighbours might have phrased it – the Weed Wonderland.  It’s been so bad that it’s gotten to the point where the pooch can only patrol the perimeters.  The rest is a no-go zone for canines and humans.  It’s probably a haven for creepy crawlies though!

And every day I see this mess.  Every day it plays on my mind.  The garden clutter is also adding unnecessary mind-clutter.  So this morning I finally unearthed my gardening gloves, black bags and ‘Just ‘Effin Do-It’ attitude.  I won’t pretend it was a fun task.  My head space was mostly…”grumble, grumble, grumble – eeeek! Creepy Crawly…grumble, grumble”.   At one point I decided I’d only spend an hour out there.  But at the end of that hour I saw that there was a clearing, and gave myself another hour.  By the end of that hour I decided I was almost there so I may as well stay and finish the job.  I am proud to say that three and a half hours and an aching back later, I am now the owner of a mainly weed free garden.  When I finally stopped for a much-needed tea and looked out, the main thought I had was “Aaaaaahhhhhhh lovely.”  That’s it.  Just “Aaaahhhh”.  The head clutter had been clearing itself out with every weed I picked out.

The analogy is pretty obvious I know, but it’s true.  If you clear your surroundings, there’s just less stuff for your brain to process.  So it has time to process the important stuff that’s going to move you forward.

Take a quick look at your surroundings and work out where your clutter is.  Become a de-clutter diva (or de-clutter dude) — you’ll thank yourself later!

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