Dress Down Friday

dress down fridayIt’s Friday – hooray!  If you’re anything like me you’re counting it down in hours and minutes.  I don’t even have anything particularly special planned for tonight, but it’s the idea of being released from the shackles of the Horroffice, not just for a few hours, but a whole weekend, that has me grinning like a raccoon riding a roller coaster.

Before I get to clocking off time though, I have the dilemma of what to wear for ‘dress down Friday’.  And it really is a dilemma.  I can’t wear my ‘at home with the pooch’ clothes, because then my colleagues at the Horroffice might think my ne’er do well twin, Heena the Hobo, has taken my place.  When you own a fur ball that moults all year round, your idea of dress down goes from nice-ish jeans and a smart but cool top to clothes that come with a pre-attached layer of golden fur and am occasional smear of slobber – not really the right look for the office, even on an oh-so casual dress down Friday.  But I also don’t want to be the dork that turns up in ‘normal’ smart work clothes when everyone else is in their slouchy tops and sneakers.  And the added dimension to this dilemma is the fact that I lose a precious three inches in height on most dress down days, as I swap my heels for my cool and comfy Vans.  This may not seem like much to you, but I barely hit 5ft in heels.  In Vans I’m practically a munchkin.  Ideally, my dress down clothes should also be ‘magically make me look taller’ clothes.  Easy peasy, right? Wrong.  None of my clothes seem to fit the delicate balance that is dress down Friday.

Clearly this is a shopping emergency, and has the potential to ruin the fabulousness of feelgood Friday.

Finally, having hammered my bank balance and the shops,  I have reluctantly added a third section to my wardrobe – in addition to my work clothes and my weekend clothes (which include smart and slobby sub-sets of course!), I now have ‘fur-free-dress-down-Friday-specially-for-work-keep-away-from-the-dog-at-all-cost’ clothes.

The joys of being a pet owner eh!  Have a fabulous Friday my lovelies. 🙂



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