Dress right to feel right

Look good feel goodFollowing on from last week’s article, all about getting up, dressing up and showing up, I thought you’d find this article from Mashable amusing.  It visually takes us through the evolution of women’s workwear over the years.

And it got me thinking about what impact the clothes we pick out have on our day.

I know that for me at least, there have definitely been more mornings than I care to count where I’ve hit the snooze button one too many times, and then been rushing around, running five minutes late.  Which then means I’m going to hit all the school run traffic, and end up getting to work late.  So I ditch whatever outfit I had vaguely planned on the night before, and go for something quick, easy and comfy to wear – a shapeless black knitted dress used to be my go-to outfit for days I was late and wanted an easy fix.  Hair tied up in a ponytail, and mascara hastily applied “There, that’ll do, done!” I think as I glance in the mirror on the way downstairs.

And then there have been those lovely days (much more rare sadly, due to my love of a lie-in) where I’ve had time to spend on picking out a sharper looking dress, taking some time with my hair, picking a pair of tights that hasn’t laddered.  Those are the days when the glance in the mirror is accompanied by a mental “Yep – that’s good” as I head out.

And it’s the same in the months I’ve been working at home too.  There are days where I’ve got on greying tops, faded leggings and boots that have seen better days, and I accessorise this with greasy hair and pray I don’t have to leave the house.

But recently, even at home I’ve been making more of an effort. And I always notice a difference.  Without fail.  On the days I find the time to make an effort, I feel better.  And that feeling translates to the way I behave too.  I feel more efficient, more together, and I act that way.

I’m not saying that the days I don’t make an effort I perform badly, just that on the days I make an effort, I notice a little difference.  And sometimes a little difference, made regularly, is all it takes to go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Dress right to feel right – what do you think?

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