Eat that Frog

Eat that FrogI don’t enjoy doing my taxes.  Shocking, I know!  Even though I’m an accountant and a natural number cruncher, as well as a writer, my annual taxes are a source of pain.  I don’t know why – they’re not particularly complex.  I don’t even have to prepare them myself, someone else does that for me.  All I have to do is check it all then sign it off.  Easy peasy.

But I always put off getting my initial bits of info to my lovely tax accountant.  This time around I handed it to him a month later than I should have!  And I only did that because I got a letter from HMRC and needed him to sort it out for me.

In fact, I left the HMRC letter until I’d had two reminders!  I think I’ve just set it up in my head as a chore, and so its easy to keep putting it off.  Of course, putting it off just means it takes up precious head space.  Because every time I remember I think to myself “Oh crap, I really should sort out my tax stuff – definitely tomorrow.”  Then tomorrow comes and something better to do magically appears.  And my head space gets more crowded because now I’ve got to add “Why didn’t I just get the tax return out of the way today.” on top of “Oh crap, I really should sort out my tax stuff – definitely tomorrow.”

Taxes are my frog.  I don’t know if you’ve come across the saying, or the book by Brian Tracy, the idea is that you tackle the most challenging thing in your day first.  That way you’ve already achieved something and your day can only get better, because you’ve dealt with the most difficult thing.

But I’ve been doing lots of de-cluttering recently (here’s the low-down on that), and so I decided not just to tackle my taxes, but to clear all my financial stuff.  I decided to eat that frog.  And it worked!  I can officially confirm my taxes are done.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  In fact today ended up being a really productive today.

And I freed up so much head space.  It feels lovely not to have to constantly remember what I need to do, worry about it, and worry about possible consequences.  It’s all done.  Clear.  As is my head space.  Lovely.  I highly recommend it.

So tomorrow, work out what your frog is, and go ahead and tuck in to it for breakfast.

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