Good boss bad boss

Good boss bad bossSince I made the decision last week to quit my most recent contracting, and shared that with you lovely people, I’ve heard lots of other horror stories about terrible bosses.

I’ve heard of bosses who won’t let an employee duck out of the sales floor for two minutes to take some headache tablets, I’ve heard about the boss who has promised someone a promotion for three years on the trot but then promoted someone else within the team, causing all sorts of issues, I’ve heard about the boss who is a ‘lovely bloke’ but spineless and would sell his team out in a heartbeat to avoid copping the heat himself.

It’s slightly terrifying and it just confirms for me why office life can be so draining.

I’ve also heard about the great bosses out there – the ones who take time to train someone, who invest in coaching, who share knowledge, who fight for their staff, who believe in the whole give and take thing. And as I’ve said in previous blogs, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of these brilliant bosses too.

I guess what it boils down to, for me anyway, is that bosses come in all shapes and sizes and flavours and intensities, obviously.  Every single boss out there has a particular mix of good boss bad boss.  What I need to do is work out whether I can work with the particular mix on offer.  Let’s face it, no-one is perfect, me included!  There are undoubtedly things my previous bosses would have wanted me to do differently.  And in the same way no boss is all good or all bad (I hope there’s no boss that’s all bad anyway – that really would be a Horroffice!).  So it’s up to me to work out what the particular mix is that I’m dealing with, and to find a way to make that work for us both.  If I’m lucky, my boss will be doing the same thing and hopefully we’ll come to a decent compromise or the relationship may even develop into a great working partnership.

What I’ve learnt from my time in Horroffices is that if there’s a boss (or, as has been the case recently) an entire management team that I can’t relate to, that have morals and values (or dire lack of!) that just clash with mine, then it’s better for everyone’s sanity for us to part ways.  I could look on that as a terrible experience, which in some cases it has been.  Or maybe I can still choose to see it as a win-win situation, eventually anyway.  I win back my sanity and the opportunity to find someone who I can work with, which means I’ll flourish, and they win because they can go and look for an employee who fits their world view a bit better and will give them what they want.   And it gives me back control of my destiny, well-being and happiness.  Pretty cool, eh?!

What do you think?


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