Happy Father’s Day

Untitled designIt’s Father’s Day today – so I’d like to dedicate today’s blog post to my Dad.

I spent some time looking for the perfect poem, or the perfect little meme to demonstrate what my Dad means to me and what he’s taught me, but after much trawling of the internet, nothing seems to be quite right.

So instead, here are a few inelegantly put together anecdotes that stand out in my memory…

  • When I was a teeny tiny toddler, I wasn’t well.  To distract me from my pain my dad played horsey with me into the early hours of the morning.  Even when my mum pointed out that I might be taking advantage of this new development, he just shrugged and carried on until I got tired and eventually fell asleep.  This continued for many a night until the illness was long gone and forgotten.
  • When I was an annoying teenager, he once offered me a lift home from the school summer fair.  I was so incensed that he had dared to come and check up on me, I refused the lift and insisted on walking home.  He didn’t argue – he just followed me along the street slowly, until I came to my senses and got in the car.
  • When I was first learning to cook, my very first attempt at a potato curry was truly terrible.  Far too much turmeric and not enough of anything else.  My Dad declared it to be the most delicious curry he’d ever had and ate it all.
  • When I’d be diagnosed with cancer, he calmly talked me through the MRI procedure (he’d been through it himself six months earlier) and what to expect, to take my mind of the enormity of what I was dealing with – it worked.
  • Ever since I’ve had my gorgeous pooch Simba, he has walked him, popped in every evening to let him out for a wee, and has done more dog-sitting than I could ever have expected, hoped for or imagined.
  • He has turned up at my house at 3am, because there was a huge spider on the stairs and I was too scared to catch it, and too scared to leave it there.
  • He has supported me in whatever I’ve wanted to do, whether he understands why I want to do it or not.

For all of this, as well as the myriad other ways he has been there for me, loved and supported me, and generally been the most amazing Dad ever – THANK YOU.

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful men out there bestowing lifts, loans and love on their daughters. 🙂

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