The Little Girl

little girl and puppyThere was this little girl, who worked at this office.  It looked like a nice office to work in.  On her first day there the little girl felt warm and glowy because of the little details her new little work family had prepared, like having her pass ready, and having a little laminated desk badge pinned to her new working home.  All around the little girl, her new office family whizzed and whirred, and buzzed and blitzed, and looked like they got things done.

Soon the little girl was also teaching herself (because no one else had time to teach her) how to whizz and whirr, and how to buzz and blitz.  But she wasn’t getting anything done.  All her whizzing and buzzing was leaving her head in a tizz!  And the more the little girl did, the more she saw that was undone, that was still to do, that had never been done at all.

But the little girl was a very conscientious little girl – and she didn’t want to give up, so she pulled out her extra tough thinking and doing cap, put it firmly on her tough little head and tried again.  It worked!  The little girl was so happy that she made a happy little noise.  And so she carried on like that, making happy little noises and feeling pretty pleased as a little bit of the undone work started to get done.  The little girl smiled.  It felt good to get things done.  And in no time at all the little girl was not just whizzing and whirring but she was doing and sorting too.  The little girl was so busy clearing all her piles of paper that she didn’t notice the little sets of eyes that had started to follow her as she was doing and sorting.

And then one day, when the little girl got to work, even though there had been no pile of paper on her desk the night before, there was a big pile of paper on her desk now.  She looked at the big pile of paper and her heart sank.  She would need to do a lot more doing and sorting to make this disappear.  And so, after what felt like a very very VERY long time, the little girl made the big pile of paper disappear, and went home to her little puppy, too tired to play with him, but happy that she had cleared the big pile of paper.

To the little girl’s horror, when she came in the next day, there was another big pile of paper.  A lot of the paper wasn’t hers, but it was on her desk anyway. The little girl tried to find the right home for the paper, so it could get sorted and done.  But no one wanted the paper.  Everyone told the little girl they didn’t know how to deal with the paper either.  And so the little girl wearily took the paper back to her desk.  She pulled out her extra tough working cap and did what she had to do.  And after a very very VERY long time the paper disappeared.  But slowly, after a few days of doing big piles of paper work the little girl’s smile was disappearing too.

So the little girl decided to change things again.  The next morning, the little girl took the new big pile of paper and pulled out the bits that belonged to her.  She whizzed and whirred and soon her undone papers were all nicely done.  She looked at the pile of undone papers that didn’t belong to her.  And very loudly, the little girl said ‘I don’t know whose papers these are, but they don’t belong to me.  My papers are all done.  I’m going home to my puppy. Good night.’

And she did.  And the puppy was overjoyed to see the little girl home and ready to play. And they played and played and the little girl forgot all about the papers and where they should be.


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