Merry Christmas!

I think it was the film ‘Love Actually’ where one of the characters says ‘At Christmas you always tell the truth’.

So here is my truth, today, on Christmas Day.

It’s been a wonderful, exciting and slightly scary ride getting to this point.  This time last year I was actually working in my worst ever Horroffice, thinking ‘why me?’.  A couple of months later, I got the idea for the book and pinned the title on a post it note to my wall.  Then there were some notes on potential chapters, just ideas really, which turned into a first draft.  I found an amazing business coach, who introduced me to an awesome book editor, who has helped turn it from a rough collection of ideas into a book.  In that time I’ve worked at a couple of other Horroffices, and I’ve had long periods of not working in a contract and not earning anything at all, mostly because I’d rather be at home, working on the book.  It has at times been stressful, and I’ve wondered whether it would actually happen, and if it did, whether it would be worth the pain.  I still don’t know whether it’ll all work out, but that’s ok, because the journey has been as valuable as the outcome.

Throughout it all you’ve been here, keeping me company, and encouraging me along the way.  Thank you.  For taking the time to read and comment on the thoughts I’ve shared with you, for the likes, shares and retweets that show me I might have something worth sharing.  You’ve kept me going.  And I now have an actual book.  One that’s going to be published and available to buy soon.  I can’t wait to share it with you, this next intoxicating part in our little odyssey together.

In the meantime, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a New Year full of wonderful new adventures and much love and laughter.

From Heena & Simba. xxx

Heena. x.

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