MOT pass or fail

MOTpass orfailIf you read my blog on Sunday you’ll know my MOT was booked for this week. It was actually booked for yesterday. So by the time you read this I will already know whether my car is an MOT pass or fail.

And with immaculate timing, knowing it was about to sit its annual test, my car decided to throw a huge hissy fit last week.  All sorts of random warning lights came on and had to be dealt with. A slightly stressful time for me and the car as we battled to get it roadworthy and fighting fit again.

As I was sorting it all out, I realised that one of the reasons it might have thrown a hissy fit is that I’ve been very remiss and I haven’t had it serviced in quite a while – in fact it is long overdue a proper bit of pampering from an understanding therapist/mechanic. And whilst I’ve given it no TLC, I’ve pushed it farther than it’s been used to, as we’re now doing longer commutes that involve the dreaded M1 – eurgh!  So really, I haven’t been fair to it – I haven’t prepped it in any way for the road ahead, and I still expected everything to go smoothly – naughty Heena.

It’s something I touch on in the book (Tip 3, Chapter 7 – Get Your Prep Right) – sometimes we forget the obvious prep that we should be doing, and then we’re surprised that things don’t go the way we wanted them to go.

So my little nugget of advice to avoid any work-related mid-week meltdowns?  Take five minutes to think about what you want to achieve over the next few days.  Then take a step back and think about what needs to be in place for that to happen. If you have two competing deadlines for Friday, don’t assume you’ll somehow magically find the time, work out exactly how much time you’ll need, work out what resources you’ll need, check they’re available and if you see any potential pitfalls, at least you’ll see them early and have time to work around them.  Make sure you and your work are MOT ready.

And in case you were wondering – we passed with flying colours (not even an advisory notice) – phew!

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