Mummy’s Magic Kiss

When she was a little baby and scared of the dark, she felt safe after mummy’s magic kiss.

When she was a little girl and scraped her knee, the thing that made it better was mummy’s magic kiss.

As she got a little older, she found out that not everyone was nice, but it didn’t matter when she had mummy’s magic kiss.

As she got older still, she pretended she didn’t need or want it, but secretly she still adored her mummy’s magic kiss.

The day a boy broke her heart for the first time, it started to heal again with the tenderness of mummy’s magic kiss.

The day she left for University, the thing she missed the most was the comfort of mummy’s magic kiss.

Stepping into her first real job, nervous as a baby, she was grateful for the strength of mummy’s magic kiss.

Stepping over the threshold of a home of her own, the thing that eased her nerves was mummy’s magic kiss.

Later still, as she held her own little baby, she understood the full force of love that is delivered in a mummy’s magic kiss.

And later still, when memories were all she had, she knew forever in her heart would live the love that never dies – mummy’s magic kiss.


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