My Streetlights

In the last twelve months, as I dealt with some unexpected lows as well as some welcome highs, there were a couple of quotes that resonated with me time and again. (Here’s the link to the blog about that time, if you’d like a peek.)


The quote I want to focus on today is this one…

“Good friends are like streetlights along the road. They don’t make the distance any shorter, but they make the road easier to navigate.” – Melchor Lim.


After publishing last week’s blogpost I was completely blown away by the kindness of my gorgeous readers, my heart touched and healed by the supportive messages I received. Almost all those messages praised my bravery.


Last year was unimaginably tough. There were moments when I got so tired of dealing with illness, of living with the pain and of feeling the white-hot darts of fear, I wanted more than anything to just crumple into a corner and stay there. That’s not very brave.


The reason I’m here today, writing this, is because of the people who lent me their bravery last year. I think real bravery is in seeing someone stumble in the dark and lending them your light. It is in lending them your strength and power when they feel weak and vulnerable. Real bravery is recognising the long, difficult journey someone else is taking, and unflinchingly stepping onto that path with them.


The path I was on last year was not a pretty path. It was not strewn with rose petals and fairy lights. It was a path lit by the glaring and unflattering light of despairingly long cold hospital corridors. It was littered with stones and gravel. I had no choice but to walk along it regardless.


The people I want to thank are the ones who had a choice. They could have chosen to send me a meaningless platitude or two, then continued moving on with their lives, without getting themselves tangled up in the mess of mine. But they didn’t. They chose to walk with me, to keep me company. On those days when I wanted to crumple into a corner, they pulled me back into the light, and into their love.


This is real bravery. To walk with someone else, when you don’t need to. To lend your strength, your courage, your love and your light to someone when you don’t need to. This is love. These are the real warriors.


I am grateful to every single person who has helped me through, but today, I would like to acknowledge my own personal army of wonderful warriors.


I will never forget how brightly you have shone your lights along my path. My gorgeous gleaming friends – Jemma, Angela, Pippa, Emilia, Gaby, Matt, Andy, Mark, Jo B, Jo L, Rajan, Ann, Linda, Lisa, Judith, Georgina. My lovingly luminous family – Mum, Dad, Ajay and Vijay. My stunningly stellar streetlights.

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    Heena you are an inspiration I only wish that I had your strength. PS and based on your blog you MUST keep writing , you are very talented ! Ann

  2. ReplyBindi

    Wishing you well Heena x

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