New Year New Rainbow

RainbowWe’re one week into 2015 – how has it turned out for you so far?

I’ve had an interesting few days. Like many of you (I hope), I was on holiday for the first bit, and I actually eased myself gently in to work, with a half day on Friday – bliss. So the New Year kicked off with some lovely family time. In fact, we were all saying what a wonderfully relaxed holiday it had been – we’d even managed to maintain relative family peace and harmony (not easy with five opinionated adults under one roof for over a week).

And I got a few niggles sorted out with the book proof, so I’m eagerly awaiting the second version (please keep your fingers crossed folks).

As well as all that, my wonderful brother resuscitated my little Netbook (which I’m using right now to write this post!), giving me back my all important Outlook – oh how I’ve missed my Outlook calendar and to-do lists!

But of course, as I’ve said in posts before, you can’t have a rainbow without rain.

I had some rain on Monday morning – my car broke down, first thing in the morning. It is now at the car hospital being tended to by experts. As there is no car NHS, I am anticipating the relief of being mobile again to be counteracted a little by the lightening of my bank balance.

And I had a hailstorm on Monday afternoon. I got told by a colleague that she was leaving that day, and had been told to hand over her work to me. This was at 2pm and she was leaving at 5.30pm.

My manager, who I’m guessing had known for a little longer than that, and who sits two desks away from me, and who had told my colleague to handover to me, hadn’t bothered to mention this to me herself, and has yet to say anything other than ask for information I don’t have on something I don’t know anything about.

So I am now attempting to complete financial month-end and year-end reporting on something I’ve had less than half a day to understand. The last two days have been somewhat painful…

I was wondering what the lesson was that I needed to learn to move on from this experience. I think maybe it’s resilience. I had a lot of rain last year. I got caught without an umbrella a few times, and got soaked. But I always dried off. And I was always alright in the end. So although it’s annoying (I’m not a “loves walking in the rain” kind of person), it’ll be fine.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the seeds sown last year turn into lush greenery (which I do love) this year, and enjoying the lovely rainbow I’m currently creating!

(ps – I’m running a lush little literary competition – check it out here!)

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