Out with the old

out with the oldIf you read my blog post a couple of weeks ago you’ll know that I had a very odd day, where lots went wrong and lots went right, all in one day.

Unfortunately, the ‘stuff that went wrong’ theme didn’t end there.  Between then and now I’ve had more – much much more.  An exploding juicer (I was making green juice at the time and it looked like The Hulk had been to visit – bits of green coloured fruit and juice rained all over me, the pooch and the kitchen like the weirdest green confetti!), as well as some other minor breakages or accidents (my phone, miraculously, is still going strong despite having been dropped more than once onto a hard floor surface this week), the biggest thing to break down on me is my trusty little laptop.

I have to admit to having a more than normal sentimental attachment to my laptop.  I bought it with the money from my first contracting role, and it was a bit of a celebration of my new employment status after leaving my long-term corporate role.  It has seen me through four years of ups and downs, it has held documents from my coaching business, it has processed records for my retail business and most recently and significantly, it has been my companion on the exciting but rocky path to the new book.  As well as all that, it has held all my financial records, photos, and all the other random paraphernalia we all end up with, without realising quite how much we’ve got.  It also held my ‘to-do’ bible – my colour-coded, beautifully planned Outlook calendar – all gone now.  And before you ask, I am hanging my head in shame and mumbling the answer to your unspoken question – nope, I haven’t done a back-up since April.  So, eight months of the year, digitally wiped out, in one fell swoop – or hard disk malfunction to be specific.

It’s taken me a while to get my head around the loss of all this virtual property, as well as being without my faithful Outlook reminders, which tell me what I need to be doing, when and for how long.  I feel like I’m n a bit of a flux or no-mans land.  I know roughly what I have to do, I know I can probably get back the most important stuff I’ve lost, and I know I’ll cope.  My netbook was tiny, and I was actually thinking I needed something bigger now that I’m a ‘proper author’ – lo and behold, I am now in the market for a new ‘proper author’ computer.  And I also acknowledge that given the choice I wouldn’t go back to that tiny screen or keyboard.  But I still feel slightly sad and bereft.

I kind of felt that way about my juicer too – it’s been my friend since April, slowly and surely helping me back to better health.  I went into Argos yesterday to swap the broken old one for a new version.  They no longer did my particular make and model.  I couldn’t decide on a new one on the spot so the lovely assistant put the refund back onto a gift card for me.  Today I chose a new one, and when I went to get it, it was on sale.  I had enough money left to get a Chromecast, which I’ve had my eye on for a couple of weeks.  And I’ve just tried out my new juicer – it’s much more sleek and efficient looking, and the juice has less bits.  So actually, the old juicer breaking turned out to be a blessing and a bonus.

Which got me wondering what is going to be coming along in place of my trusty old netbook and my long to-do lists – I think it might be something delightfully delicious.  So, I am declaring that I finally give in to the Universe.  Letting go is ok – it creates the space needed by the new stuff that wants to come in.  I’m starting to really enjoy the ‘out with the old’ theme.

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