Overcoming Overwhelm

OvercomingI think I might have mentioned that the last month or two has been particularly busy.  Books, birthdays, weddings and new jobs have all taken big chunks of time and attention.  It’s been a whirlwind of a month.  But that’s all pretty much done and dusted now. The birthday (mine) and wedding (not mine) were lovely, the new job is not really new now, it’s just the job, and the book is sitting on Amazon waiting to be discovered by people who will find the advice in there useful.

As the the has dust settled I’ve taken some time out to calm down, relax and enjoy the stillness.  It was blissful.  I’ve started to feel like part of the human race again, a normal person.  I’ve caught up with friends, enjoyed some fantastic theatre, and have had one lovely weekend devouring a Fargo marathon.

But I have also found myself in the odd position of still feeling slightly overwhelmed.

Here’s why.  The new day job takes up all my time between Monday to Friday during the day.  When I get home there are all the usual household chores to get on with, as well as that essential half an hour wind-down with a nice cup of tea, and a (currently very blustery) walk with Simba.  After dinner and clearing up I’m normally fairly tired and ready for an hour of mindless TV or a good book and then bed.  But what I also need is time to learn and implement some new Amazon marketing strategies, time to write some (hopefully) useful and entertaining blog posts, as well as find some funny and relevant Facebook posts, and have a little interaction on Twitter too.  As well as that, I need to start getting book two out of my head and onto the screen – in other words, after the day job is done I need to find time to do the writing day job, in the evening.  But if I do the writing job in the evening, I have no time to have a life and do the other things that make me who I am.

So, overwhelmed with all this stuff I should be doing and the stuff I want to be doing, I’ve found myself procrastinating and faffing and putting everything off instead.  It’s felt a bit like I’ve hit pause on my ‘Life’ button.  Not very helpful.

Until….ha!  This’ll make you smile (it made me chuckle)…  Until I remembered that I had written a whole chapter on overcoming overwhelm in Coping with the Horroffice (Item 6 – Coping with Overwhelm).  Hooray!  So with the aid of the tips in there (the list one being my current favourite), as well as some sage advice from both my book editor and my coach, I’ve come up with a plan – a way to manage everything, at a pace that I can deal with, and which allows me to do the things I enjoy as well as the things I need to do.

Which is why this weekend, I have a clean house, am ready for next week at work, have written both this blog post and this week’s newsletter.  As well as all that I’ve been out and about and enjoyed watching the Malaysia F1.  Overwhelm successfully overcome, and ‘Life’ button un-paused.

So if, like me, you’ve been feeling overwhelmed – whether it’s by your in-tray or your work-life balance, check out Coping with the Horroffice – it might just help.

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