Relax, it’s the weekend

Relax its the weekendCongratulations!  You’ve made it through another week at work.  You’ve done a few late nights, as well as some early starts.  You’ve pushed yourself, stressed yourself and probably exhausted yourself.

And you can officially relax, it’s the weekend now.

Or can you?

What have you got planned for the next two days?  What are you doing with your precious time off?  Do you have any downtime built-in, or is your weekend just full of a different type of work?  Do you have a list of ‘stuff’ that needs to be done?

Does it look anything like this – washing, ironing, cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, washing the car, getting the shopping in?  So that by the time you get to Saturday night you’re practically comatose in front of whatever is on the TV?

And how do you feel at the end of a weekend like that?  Energised, rejuvenated, enthused and raring to go?  Or just knackered?

In my last coaching call with my fabulous mentor, Judith Morgan, we were discussing work-time and down-time.  She was suggesting that I give myself plenty of down-time, time to do things I wanted to do, not just the things I needed to do.  It felt a little bit naughty initially.  We’re all taught that a good solid work ethic is a key factor in success.  So to actively plan to do non-work things or ‘fun’ things felt a little like a guilty pleasure.

But there has to be balance.  And I think that’s what we’re losing in our current crazy-paced ‘do-everything-and-do-it-now’ lifestyles.  We’re forgetting the bit about balance.  We’re forgetting that it has to be Yin and Yang, not one or the other.  Downtime doesn’t mean we’re being lazy.  In  my downtime this week I’ve read two books that have fed my soul and my enthusiasm, as well as spent time meditating, and just playing and laughing with the pooch.  I even managed to make a couple of fresh green juices!  The effect all this has had on my work and my writing has been tremendous.  When I get to the laptop I’m bursting with ideas and enthusiasm and energy.

That’s why I’m asking you what you’ve got planned.  I’m sure you’ve planned all the chores you need to get done over the weekend.  But have you planned some actual downtime?  Have you planned just an hour to read a book, or go to the park, or whatever it is that makes you feel alive?  Because it’s just as necessary to plan and do those things as it is to have a clean house and an empty laundry basket.

Here’s to a fabulous weekend for us all!


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