Resetting Planet Earth

Resetting Planet Earth

What a week Planet Earth has had since last we spoke!

On Friday morning, along with probably half of our very well populated and busy office, I stood and shivered and waited and got annoyed with myself for not bringing a colander to work.  Why would I want to bring a colander to work?  Well, so I could see the total eclipse in all it’s glory, of course.  In the end, it didn’t really matter much, the weather had other ideas anyway, and I saw a little bit, but not a lot, just a slight dimming of the light.  That’s ok – I might not have seen the eclipse in all it’s glory,  but standing out there, I felt part of something special.  And I did spend a few minutes quietly making what some might think of as outlandish but I think of as completely reasonable wishes for myself and my planet (can’t tell you, obviously, until they materialise).  It felt like that kind of moment.

Add to that the fact that it was also an equinox, and that we were watching a Supermoon at work, and you start to wonder just how special an event this really was.

Each of these things on its own would be a special occasion and a kind of cosmic clear out, but all three together – the way I see it, that’s more like hitting the reset button on Planet Earth.  And if we’re going through a global reset, then maybe it’s also the perfect time to look a little closer to home, and work out what we might want to reset in our home and office and life.

As it was also World Poetry Day last Thursday, here’s an excerpt from ‘Start Where You Stand’ by Berton Braley, which I think describes perfectly where we are right now…

“This is another chapter in the book,
This is another race that you have planned,
Don’t give the vanished days a backwards look,
Start where you stand.

The world won’t care about your old defeats
If you can start anew and win success;
The future is your time, and time is fleet
And there is much of work and strain and stress;

Forget the buried woes and dead despairs,
Here is a brand-new trial right at hand,
The future is for him who does and dares,
Start where you stand”

So today, right now, stop where you are, take a moment to think about what you want this next chapter in your book to go, and plan how you might get there.  Then start, right where you stand, to make that happen.

And if you need a little guidance and encouragement when you’re resetting your office world, then this might help…

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