SMILE!It’s the week after the bank holiday, so those of us at work are probably enjoying a slightly quieter, easier journey in and out, and a slightly less frenetic pace.  On the other hand, we’re also maybe feeling a little bit glum because that’s the last bank holiday until the end of August (sorry folks).

So the best thing I can do today is keep it short and sweet, and give you one teeny tiny little tip to make your morning better.

And to that end, here’s a random fact – when you smile, even if you’re in a lousy mood, it’ll boost your mood.

Yup – even a fake smile will make you feel better.  Studies have confirmed that even the act of moving your mouth to form a smile activates the part of the brain linked to reward.  In addition, the act of smiling (real or fake) causes a release of dopamine (the happy hormone), so even a fake smile will start to make you feel better.  And if you feel better, you’ll start to think more positively, and then you’ll start to behave more positively.

AND smiling is contagious.  Once you start grinning like a loon, you’ll find your colleagues doing it too – so go ahead, start a smile epidemic.

I’ll leave you with this uplifting little quote…

“Life is like a mirror – we get the best results when we smile at it.” – author unknown.

And if you want to find even more ways to make work a happier, smilier place, check out the book 🙂

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