Snooze your way to success

Snooze Your Way to SuccessIt’s a short blog post today, but I really wanted to share this with you.

I read a great article from the Boston Globe, via Huffington post.  It talks about something that we all know is true, and yet somehow none of us (myself included) take action and do it often enough.

What is it?  Getting enough sleep.  We think we can manage on the minimum possible.  I know that when I’m busy, or have had a long day at work, what I’ve tended to do is tell myself that I can cut out an hour of sleep and manage on six (and sometimes on five).  And I do manage.  But I’m grumpy, exhausted and just about skating through the day when I do that.

What I should be doing is looking at what I can cut down in the evening – even though it feels counterproductive and a little joyless.  Cutting down an hour of activity means I get to go to bed on time, get the sleep and rest I need and actually feel fresh, focused and fired up the next day.  (I know this because I put it to the test this week – it really works folks).

So take a look at the article – it gives you some great details on why going to bed on time is so important, as well as some great tips for how to manage it – snooze your way to success.

Good night, and sleep tight. 🙂

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