Tayto vs Walkers – The Office Crisp Off

Today was a bit of a slow day in the office. We were waiting for the stuff we’d submitted to be approved or thrown back at us, everyone one was exhausted from working like maniacs to get our reporting completed and although there was probably plenty we could have been getting on with, no-one really had the energy or inclination.

Crisp OffSo we decided it was the perfect time to hold ‘The Great Office Crisp Off’.

To put it into context for you, we have an office in Ireland as well as several in the UK. About a third of our current staff have come over from the Ireland office. When, last week, we decided we needed some savoury treats to get us through that awful part of the day where your body is ready to go home, but your mind (and boss) are saying you need to stay and finish your month-end reports, we sent out for sustenance. The good, healthy kind – not! A big six pack of Walkers arrived, our Irish Boss (IB) scoffed and said Walkers weren’t fit to be called crisps. The only crisps worth eating were the mighty Tayto. Ever since, a debate has been raging fiercely within the office – which is the better crisp – the Irish Tayto or the English Walkers.

After days of discussing, arguing and berating we decided there was only one way to decide – and Office Crisp Off was born. Tayto vs Walkers. We would have a blind taste test of both varieties and vote on it. And today was the day. Crisp Off would take place throughout the day – any accidental visitor to the finance department would have to partake if they wanted to leave, or wanted any number-crunching help, ever again.

As the initiators, each member of the finance team solemnly went to the tasting area (aka the spare desk). We studied the crisps, sniffed the air around the crisps, and then slowly chomped through a sample of the crisps.

After much deliberation, we cast our vote via pink post-its – A or B?

Each post-it that went up elicited oohs, aahs, explanations for voting choices. IB was convinced crisp A was the mighty Tayto and voted accordingly. Others disagreed and said B was the tastier option. Yet others thought A was not very tasty but definitely the Tayto. And so on…

By three-thirty it was neck and neck. Seven votes each. We needed a decision. And a tea-break. And someone neutral to break the tie. Just then, the IT guy arrived. Perfect.

We sat in silence as he tasted, considered, and wrote out his vote. There was an intake of breath as he stuck his pink post-it firmly on the wall.

A! It was A. Crisp A had won the day. IB was delighted. Of course it was A, he announced. A was the better crisp. We turned over the plates to confirm the win. The office erupted into laughter. Crisp A was the much maligned Walkers! And to make matters worse, IB had voted against his choice, he’d only gone and voted for the Walkers!

There was only one thing for it – IB resigned himself to making the three-thirty tea round as a family pack of Walkers was placed on his desk.

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