Three ways to beat the Bank Holiday Blues

bank holiday bluesIf you’re anything like me the lovely long bank holiday weekend that you’ve been looking forward to for ages is now almost done and dusted, and has flown by way too quickly.

Not only are we saying goodbye to the last three day weekend for the year, but we’re getting ready to say hello to darker evenings and colder weather.  No wonder we’ve got the bank holiday blues!  There’s something very ‘back to school’ about it all, but without the excitement of new stationery and school bags.

So how do we cheer ourselves up, get out of this funk and ditch the bank holiday blues?  What can we do to help us feel better and cope more easily?

Here are my three tips – all tried and tested by yours truly – to help you banish the bank holiday blues:

  1. Indulge yourself.  Hopefully you’ve had an awesome weekend and indulged aplenty already but this is slightly different.  I want you to plan to indulge yourself on Tuesday night.  Make sure you plan this out over the weekend, and buy in whatever you need, and clear your diary for Tuesday night.  It could be anything from buying yourself a bar of your favourite expensive chocolate, opening a good bottle of wine or just having a lovely long soak with the radio on.  Whatever it is that makes you melt a bit and go ‘aaahhhhh loverly’ is good.
  2. Hug it better.  Find someone or something – partner, friend, parent, sibling, cat, dog, whoever is willing and able, and give them a lovely long hug.  Why?  A hug that lasts for twenty measly seconds or longer is actually proven to make you feel better – it lowers your cortisol and stress hormone levels, and increases the levels of feel good hormones like oxytocin.  And why stop at twenty seconds – get yourself snuggled up on the sofa for a lusciously long hugging session and enjoy!
  3. Breathe it out.  You’ll hear me refer to this one a LOT.  Because it’s awesome, free,  easy and you can do it any time and anywhere you need a bit of a boost.  Just focus on your breath for a couple of minutes.  Take a slow breath in, notice it travel through your body, notice the way it pauses just for a moment, and then notice it travel all the way back through your body and out.  As you focus on this, you’ll give yourself a whole host of benefits, including feeling calmer and happier about pretty much anything.

I personally will be doing a little of each – why be stingy when they all sound and feel so good!  So tonight I’ll be hugging the pooch and enjoying some deep breathing, and I’ve planned a little bit of wine ‘o’clock, plus more Simba sofa cuddles and deep breathing tomorrow evening.  By the time that’s all done it’ll be Wednesday and I’ll be back in the flow of the week!

Let me know how you get on. x

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