What’s it all about?

So, I’m sitting here, having finished the seventh draft of the book.  It’s been sent to some kindly but keyboardcritical reviewers for their comments, and it’s time for me to sit back.

And as I do that, I can’t help but reflect ‘what’s it all about?’  What did I want to achieve with this book?  And have I done that?  Have I done the best I can, both for the book and for you, my precious reader?  And if I have done it, what is it exactly that I’ve done?

What’s it all about?

I guess, for me, it’s about finding a bit of peace, and a bit of joy.

Having worked in all the different places I’ve been lucky enough to experience, I know how much our working life affects and impacts the rest of our life.  It has to.  We spend the bulk of our days, weeks, years, and decades at work.

If what we experience in that time is hassle, pain and confusion, it’s bound to leave us feeling unhappy.  And we carry that unhappiness with us.  We carry it to our homes, our partners, our children.  We carry it in our bodies, in the way we hold ourselves, our tone of voice, our expression.

And having experienced both ends of the spectrum – having been in truly awful Horroffices as well as genuinely amazing places, I know from my own personal experience what that impact is.

So I guess my hope for the book is that it reaches the people that need it most, that will benefit from what I’ve put into it.

And my hope for you, dear reader, is that it helps you find some peace in an often fraught working life, and a way to connect back to your joy.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and to share your journey.

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