All work and no play

All work no playWe’ve all heard the saying – ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’.


It’s true too, isn’t it?


After a month in my new contract (yup – it has only taken a month for me to realise this may be another Horroffice….yikes) I was definitely feeling dull around the edges.  And don’t get me started on my horrifically dull skin and slightly haunted eyes.

Even the dog was drooping – I thought he might actually have contracted Horroffice syndrome from me – oh the horror!


So before things took a turn for the worse, off we went for some play.  Which is why it’s been a little bit quiet chez Heena’s blog – sorry lovelies.


What a lovely week of play we’ve had though.  Even though we’re not ‘activity holiday’ people we took ourselves off to the brand new Center Parcs in Woburn.  Whilst we kept firmly away from the crazy swimming pool packed with excited, dangerous little people and didn’t do any actual ‘activity’ type stuff, we have had a fabulous time.  We have spent hours mooching around outside with the pooch.  We’ve had the most luxurious spa treatments almost every day.  We even had a sauna at the back of the lodge!  Speaking of which, the lodge itself is more swish than my little semi.  And we’ve laughed, eaten loads of lovely nosh,  and drunk in the atmosphere and the alcohol.  Every day we were there my mind and body unwound a little bit more.  Every night I went to sleep thinking ‘Aaaaahhhhhh lovely.’


And canny planner that I am, before we even headed off for our week of fun, I spent the Saturday before having my own personal theatre fest – a matinée showing of Richard III, a lovely little meal, wine and solo contemplation, then one of the best pieces of theatre I have ever seen – Medea at the National Theatre.


It’s probably not the ideal way to do the whole work/life balance thing – gorging on glorious goodies for the mind, soul and body before and after wading through the boggy waters of office life, but it’s better than not enjoying any goodies at all, right?


So I guess my plan for the next few weeks is to find a way to get more balance.  I’m going to make sure it’s not all work and no play.  I’m going to make time for play (there’s too much work to do to stop and head off on a treasure hunt for Time – I may as well create instead).


In which case I’d better sign off so I can go and check out some more theatre listings and sort some doggy play dates!

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